Case Study 2

The governing body of Ysgol y Nant is considering the appointment of a community governor. All community governors present at the meeting are told by the chair that they cannot take part in any discussion regarding the appointment or exercise a vote. They are subsequently told to leave the room.

The Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005, Schedule 7, Regulation 2 states that:

  1. This sub-paragraph applies where a relevant person is present at a meeting of the school at which a subject of consideration is —
    – (a) his or her own appointment, reappointment, suspension or removal as a member of the governing body or a committee;
  2. In any case where sub-paragraph (1) applies, the relevant person’s interests are to be treated for the purposes of regulation 63(2) as being in conflict with the governing body’s interests.

Not all community governors at the meeting must withdraw from the meeting, only the governor whose office is being discussed.