Case study 23

A member of the governing body is causing you some concern. You are a teacher at the school and, although you are not a governor, you are aware that this governor is upsetting other staff at the school. This governor is fairly new, and has been on the governing body for one year. Her background is in market research. She has been asking staff and parents what they think of the school. Some teachers feel that they are being inspected and are unsure what the governor will do with the information that she is collecting. You don’t think that the headteacher is aware of this questioning of staff and parents.

Whilst it is best practice for the governing body to gauge the views of staff and parents on relevant school based issues, this is best carried out via questionnaires with the GB analysing the results. Individual governors have no powers to act alone, unless delegated by the full GB. If staff have concerns then they need to raise these using the proper procedure, i.e. complaint to the chair about the governor. Hopefully this issue can be resolved informally. The governor may be well meaning in engaging with stakeholders at the school, however, this would generally not be the best way to collect those views.

Has the governor attended the mandatory induction training where they would have learnt about the roles and responsibilities of governors.

Principles of conduct for governors of schools in wales

FAQ on the roles and responsibilities

FAQ on the roles and responsibilities

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