Case study 29

The Staff Disciplinary Committee (SDC) had been convened to consider a staff disciplinary matter. The SDC believed the quorum to be 50% of the membership and the meeting goes ahead with 50% of the members present. The SDC conclude that based on the evidence presented, the member of staff should be dismissed from school.

Although Regulation 60(5) of The Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005 states that the quorum for governing body committees is 50% of the membership (rounded up to the nearest whole number), this does not apply to the specific committees listed i.e.:

  • Staff disciplinary committee
  • Staff disciplinary appeals committee
  • Pupil discipline committee
  • Admissions committee

The quorum for the SDC is the same as the minimum requirements for the composition of those committees specified in this regulation i.e. 3 members