Case Study 8

Mr Williams, a parent governor at a large secondary school, was informed by the clerk that he could no longer retain his position as governor because his child had been permanently excluded from the school. He subsequently resigned, following a request from the clerk of the governing body. He feels very unhappy about this and feels at a loss. He speaks to the chair who confirms the advice given by the clerk.

The legal framework regarding disqualification of governors is noted below:
Schedule 5 – The Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005

A parent governor is not disqualified from continuing to hold office if their child has been permanently excluded from the school or even if they are withdrawn from the school by their parents.

Mr Williams should also contact the Governor Support Officer at the Local Authority, or the Governors Wales helpline regarding the issue to seek clarity if he does need to resign from the governing body.

Once Mr Williams receives the advice in relation to his query, he should contact the chair to discuss the advice that he has received.