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I am a new clerk and not sure how the agenda should be organised?

There are different ways of doing this and there is no right or wrong approach. The main thing is to try and ensure that the agenda reflects the GB’s key role in raising standards/achieving school improvement. The creation of a basic or core agenda which makes sure that those matters which always need to be covered are addressed can be useful and save time.
Here is an example of how an agenda might be organised. Other examples can be found in the Handbook for Governors of Schools in Wales: Part 2, Section 4

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the last meeting
3. Matter Arising
4. School Improvement Issues

  • Headteacher’s report
  • Working Party reports
  • Chair’s Report
  • Link Governors’ Reports
  • Attendance

5. Staffing Matters

  • New Appointments
  • Other

6. GB Matters
7. Procedural Issues
8. For information
9. Any other urgent business (the chairperson to allow items to be discussed or to defer to next meeting if further research etc, needed)
10. Items deemed to be confidential
11. Date and time of next meeting


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