Frequently Asked Questions

05. The Acting headteacher has applied for the post of headteacher in the school but does not have the NPQH. Can they be selected for interview and appointed?

It should be ensured that relevant qualifications, such as the NPQH, and experience have been validated by the appropriate references and records and no appointment should be confirmed until this has been done.

It is a requirement that first time substantive post holders for headship must hold the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) before starting to serve as a headteacher. Additionally, if a practitioner is appointed as a headteacher of an independent school after 1st September 2005, their subsequent move to a headship at an LA Maintained school would require them to hold NPQH before starting to serve in the post. The regulations do not prevent an individual nearing completion of the NPQH or an equivalent qualification from applying for a headship appointment or being appointed as a headteacher, although any individual appointed could not begin to serve as a headteacher until s/he holds the NPQH or equivalent.

Further information can be found in Governors Wales’ Fact File 03/05 Mandatory National Professional Qualification for Headship and in guidance produced by the Welsh Government


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