Frequently Asked Questions

What committees should a governing body have in place?

Governing bodies must have the following statutory committees:

  • Staff disciplinary and dismissal committee
  • Staff disciplinary and dismissal appeals committee
  • Pupil discipline and exclusions committee
  • Admissions committee (Voluntary Aided and Foundation schools only)

Governing bodies must have procedures and membership in place for the following:

  • Headteacher and Deputy head selection panel
  • Headteacher Performance Management Appraisers and Appeals Appraiser(s)
  • Pay review and Pay review appeals
  • Complaints
  • Grievance and Grievance appeals
  • Capability and Capability appeals

Other committees can be established to discuss the detail of other matters such as:

  • Finance
  • Curriculum
  • Premises, health and safety
  • Staffing


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