Frequently Asked Questions

What should be in the headteachers’ report?

The content of the headteacher’s report to governors will therefore vary from school to school and from one meeting to the next, to meet the school’s particular needs and circumstances at any given time. Whatever the content and style of report it is recommended (by Estyn) that it should contain information about:

  • The development of pupils
  • Standards attained
  • The efficiency of the management of the schools resources
  • Progress in implementing the School Improvement / Development Plan and its agreed outcomes and targets.

The headteachers report should therefore make reference to monitoring and evaluation information.

Governors should agree with the headteacher on the key school information that should be made available on a regular basis. This should include:

  • Information on performance that ensures that the governors are in a position to discuss the progress the school is, or is not, making.
  • Performance data on the school and how it compares with other similar schools.
  • Information on local and national legislation and policy developments.
  • Information (for discussion and decision) on future developmental planning.

There is a legal requirement for governing bodies to meet, as a minimum requirement, termly and that, at this meeting, the headteacher gives a termly report. Governing bodies which meet more frequently than the minimum will still receive a termly report but not a report for each meeting. The headteacher’s report must be received by all governors together with all other documentation for the relevant meeting i.e. at least five working days prior to the meeting. This enables governors to have the opportunity to digest the report and negates the need to laboriously read it at the meeting.

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