Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the final meeting of the governing body prior to dissolution?

The Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005 states that where a meeting relates to the discontinuation of the school, 7 days’ notice must be given. This meeting should take place as close to the last school day as possible.

A brief summary of the process of discontinuance should accompany the agenda, and provides a documentary record of the procedure that the governing body has followed in closing the school.

At this meeting the governing body should:

  • minute the discussions had and decisions made with regards to the consultation process that has taken place and that the relevant statutory process for school closure has been followed;
  • ensure that relevant notice has been given to all staff (regarding termination of employment or change of employment status);
  • ensure that relevant notice has been given to all parents / carers and pupils with regard to arrangements made to ensure their future education requirements;
  • that any outstanding complaints or grievances be brought to a conclusion before school closure;
  • discuss any information relating to finance;
  • approve the discontinuance summary;
  • thank the governing body for its support and work for the school, their service and minute in its final meeting the termination of all governors’ terms of office, timed for the date of closure of the school;
  • declare the governing body dissolved;
  • close the meeting.