Frequently Asked Questions

A complaint has been received against the whole governing body – what is the process?

If a complaint is made about the whole governing body it should be referred to the clerk who should inform the local authority and, if appropriate, the diocesan authority, the chair of governors and the headteacher. It is recommended that the local and/or diocesan authorities agree arrangements with the governing body for investigation and consideration of the complaint. There may be grounds for independent investigation; the local authority should advise and governing bodies are strongly advised to act on that advice. The local authority could investigate the complaint or arrange for investigation by a third party. Investigation should not be undertaken by the clerk or school staff.

If the investigation suggests that there are grounds for the complaint, the local authority should try to secure the agreement of the governing body for the complaint to be heard by a committee of independent persons set up specifically for that purpose. An independent committee should act as a complaints committee would act at Stage C of the model complaints procedure.