Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the membership of the complaints committee different to what is set out in the governing body committee structure?

A parent has received a letter confirming the details of the complaints committee meeting scheduled to take place next week. She has noticed that the three governors listed as members of the complaints committee are different to those that were named at the beginning of the academic year. They have queried why this is.

There are a number of reasons why the membership may change:

  • availability of the original members to meet;
  • issues with impartiality;
  • issues with tainting.

We would always advise on checking the membership of any committee prior to meeting to ensure there are no conflicts of interest or issues with tainting and that all members are able to act impartially etc. Any change to the membership must be agreed by the full governing body.

It would be best practice for governing bodies to appoint reserve members to committees in order of preference of calling, to cover any circumstances listed above. This means that the full governing body would not have to meet to appoint new members.