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Governors Wales is committed to supporting the effective governance of schools and the personal development of governors in Wales. It is hoped therefore, that the information which this handbook contains will be of assistance in helping you to fulfil your role and responsibilities as a governor.

The following has been amended:

September 2014
Part 1 – Section 2 Federated schools

April 2014
Part 1 – Section 6 Statutory Policies and Documents
Part 2 – Section 11 Events or responsibilities of governors which require attention annually

September 2013
Part 1 Clerk to Governors / Federated Schools / Support and Training for Governors / List of statutory policies and documents / Parents’ Meetings.
Part 2 Role of the Chair / reference to Annual Parents’ Meetings changed.

April 2013Part 5

March 2013
Part 2 Annual Report to Parents
Part 4 Disciplinary Procedures

January 2013Part 4 Annual review of headteacher pay

December 2012Part 4 Complaints Procedures

Part 1

  1. What is a governor?
  2. Categories of governors and schools and federated schools
  3. Support and Training
  4. What do I need to know?
  5. How do governors fulfil their responsibilities?
  6. What exactly do governors do – the accountable role

Part 2

  1. The corporate responsibilities of the governing body
  2. The role of the chair
  3. What to expect at a governors meeting
  4. Agenda and minutes
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Committees
  7. What can be delegated
  8. Collaboration
  9. Survive your first governors meeting (for new governors)
  10. Effective governing body meetings
  11. Events or responsibilities of governors which require attention annually
  12. Governors’ Annual Report to Parents

Part 3

  1. The three main roles of the governing body
  2. Is your school effective?
  3. What evidence do we look for?
  4. Do all parts of the school perform equally well?
  5. Can everything important be measured?
  6. The School Development Plan (SDP)/School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  7. School Self-Evaluation Report
  8. How effective is the governing body?

Part 4

  1. Personnel issues
  2. Recruitment and selection
  3. Grievance, disciplinary and capability procedures
  4. Annual review of pay of headteachers
  5. How to handle a complaint
  6. The governing body and the school budget
  7. The curriculum
  8. School inspection
  9. Pupil behaviour
  10. School councils – pupil participation

Part 5

  1. Local Authorities
  2. Diocesan Directors of Education
  3. Useful contact information
  4. Resources
  5. Governors Wales publications
  6. Services provided by Governors Wales
  7. Jargon Buster

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