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Dydd Mawrth 10 Hydref 2017 – VSGA Committee meeting (CR1)
Dydd Mawrth 5 Rhagfyr 2017 – Education Update & Briefing Session (Corporate Suite)

Dydd Mercher 31 Ionawr 2018 – VSGA Committee meeting (CR1)
Dydd Mawrth 20 Mawrth 2018 – VSGA Committee meeting (CR1)

Dydd Mercher 2 Mai 2018 – VSGA Committee meeting (CR1)
Dydd Mawrth 19 Mehefin 2018 – Education Update & Briefing Session (Corporate Suite)

Article from the Chair in the Governors Wales ebulletin

The Vale of Glamorgan School Governors Association (VSGA) was set up in late 2006 as successor to the Association of Vale Governors (AVAGO). AVAGO had lived up to its name – some Councillors believed its role was to ‘ave a go’ at the Council. It was felt that a new name and constitution with an aim to work in a spirit of partnership rather than confrontation might be better in in everyone’s interest.

VSGA Management Committee is elected from nominations from schools every two years, and as part of the open democracy in the Vale, VSGA nominates Governors to sit on the various statutory committees within the council – Budget Forum, Admissions Forum, the Local Authority Governor Appointments Committee and the Children and Young People Partnership, as well as to the Consortium Governor Steering Group. The two elected Parent Governor Representatives on Education Scrutiny Committee are also ex-officio members of the VSGA Management Committee.

Over the years, VSGA has been active in providing opportunities for governors to get together and learn from each other. For example, we ran the Chair of Governors training sessions when it became compulsory. It has been a hobbyhorse of mine that governor training has been too reliant on interminable boring PowerPoints. Our sessions were based around discussions of case studies in small groups and plenary session. This allowed the sharing of all the experience in the room and covered what Welsh Government required in a way which did not talk down to governors.

Recently our main events have been six-monthly Education Briefing updates at which we invite the Cabinet Member for Education, The Director of Learning and Skills and her senior staff to present on topics selected jointly by VSGA and the Education Department, and to answer questions from governors. These are very popular, with representation from most Vale schools and very good feedback.

The Management Committee meets regularly to discuss feedback from the committees and raise topics of concern from members. A recent session was on the Welsh Government’s proposed changes to Governing Body Regulations. The Welsh Government representative seemed surprised by a well-informed and articulate critique from members of some of the more contentious proposals.

VSGA is in good form and its original ideal of partnership with the Council seems to be working.