FaCE the challenge together

Engaging families in their children’s learning is a powerful way of raising standards and well-being in schools. It is also essential for narrowing the attainment gap between learners from richer and poorer backgrounds.

Schools that are both ambitious and successful recognise that to raise standards and improve learner well-being they need to engage effectively with parents, carers and the wider community.

In light of this, the Welsh Government has published “FaCE the challenge together” – a family and community engagement toolkit for schools in Wales. The emphasis is on engagement that helps families to actively support their child’s learning.

This toolkit is designed to provide practical support for schools in Wales to help them develop and strengthen their approach to family and community engagement (FaCE), and also to help schools to meet the requirements of the school development plan (SDP) regulations and the standards of partnership working expected by Estyn.

The toolkit is structured around 5 themes:

  1. Leadership for a self-improving system: Practical support to school leaders to help them embed family and community engagement in the ethos of the school, reflect on current practice, and set out future plans in the school development plan.
  2. Embedding a whole-school approach: How to build the school’s capacity for engagement.
  3. Welcoming families to engage with the school: How to overcome barriers to engagement, including families that interact with the school less frequently or have needs that are harder to accommodate.
  4. Helping families to actively support their child’s learning: Ideas and examples of how schools can engage with families as serious and practical partners in children’s learning.
  5. Developing community partnerships and multi-agency working: Information on helping families find additional support and how to plan more effective transitions with a focus on what is important for the learner and their family.

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