Changes to inspection arrangements from September 2017 – an update

News from Estyn

Education in Wales is changing. The Welsh Government is updating the curriculum and introducing a digital competence framework. We want to ensure that inspections remain fit for purpose and that they are proportionate, flexible, streamlined and cost effective.

From September 2017:

  • the notice period for inspections will be reduced to 15 days
  • inspections will typically take 4 days rather than 5
  • they will focus on 5 inspection areas:
    – 1. standards;
    – 2. wellbeing and attitudes to learning;
    – 3. teaching and learning experiences;
    – 4. care, support and guidance; and
    – 5. leadership
  • they will also focus on a thematic area – which will help inform our thematic reports, the Chief Inspector’s Annual report and advice to Welsh Government.
  • the current 4-point judgement scale will stay but its wording will be amended to focus on actions to be taken to support improvement
  • providers in follow-up will get more flexible support to help them make positive changes faster
    local authority monitoring for providers in follow-up will cease and no providers will be placed in this category from September 2016 onwards.