New case studies from CSC

Cyfarthfa High School – Effective Governing Body Structures to Enhance School Leadership
Context and background of case study
For many years the governing body at Cyfarthfa High has played an active part in the life of the school and has been fundamental to its improvement journey. All governors have links with subject departments and are fully involved in performance reviews, learning and teaching and staff development. Our annual calendar of quality assurance plans in governor involvement at every opportunity. Many governors add value to the work of the school because of their particular skill set and connections within the community.

Parc Primary School – The Effective Co-operation of the Governing Body, Senior Leadership Team and Wider Staff
Context and background of case study:
Whilst conducting a review of the effectiveness of the Governing Body by conducting a self-evaluation, it was identified that the Governing Body felt it was not having sufficient input into the SIP and SER. Whilst Governors felt that they were aware of the SIP and SER targets and objectives, it was evident that they felt a lack of ownership where these important strategic documents were concerned. Governors identified that in their role of providing strategic direction to the Senior Leadership Team, they should have greater involvement in formulating the SER and SIP targets, ensuring they are focused on the school’s current performance data and with the ultimate aim of improving teaching and learning in the school. It was also agreed that an effective tool for evaluating progress against SIP and SER targets should be developed, so that staff responsible for each SIP target could easily report back to the Governing Body on the effectiveness of the strategies deployed to achieve the targets, and whether teaching and learning had directly improved as a result.