Exclusion from Schools and Pupil Referral Units

Amended April 2015

A pupil can be excluded from a school or pupil referral unit (PRU) if they have seriously breached the school’s behaviour policy or if they pose a risk to the education or welfare of other learners.

The guidance provides advice on:

  • excluding learners from schools and PRUs
  • the procedures for appealing against exclusion
  • how to maintain the education of excluded learners.

It is split into 7 sections which cover:

  • the use of exclusion
  • the procedure for excluding a learner and the role of the headteacher
  • the responsibilities of the discipline committee
  • the independent appeal panels
  • police involvement and parallel criminal proceedings
  • the procedures and reintegration following exclusion
  • money to follow excluded learners.

Under section 52(4) of the Education Act 2002, those involved in making decisions on exclusion and administrating the exclusion procedures and appeals process must have regard to this guidance. This includes:

  • headteachers
  • teachers in charge of a PRU
  • governing bodies
  • local authorities
  • independent appeal panels.


Published: 9/10/2012