Mandatory Governor / Clerks Training

The Education (Wales) Measure 2011 includes provisions to allow the Welsh Ministers to make regulations to make governor training mandatory on specific issues. The regulations for mandatory governor and clerks training and the provision of a clerk to a governing body comes into force on 20th September 2013:

Welsh Government has issued guidance on:

  • Training for chairs of governors in Wales (112-2013)
  • Training for school governors in Wales on understanding school data (113-2013)
  • Induction training for governors in Wales (114-2013)
  • Governing body clerks training in Wales (115-2013)
  • Guidance on mandatory training for governors and clerks (117-2013)

Questions for governors to ask the headteacher / leadership team in their support and challenge role
A vital part of the role of school governors is providing effective support and challenge for their headteachers and senior leaders. In order to assist governors in that role, the National Leadership Development Board (NLDB) has drawn up the following key questions for governors to use

Induction training for governors in Wales
The induction training for newly appointed or elected governors focuses on their roles and the parameters of their responsibilities and provides them with a broad outline of the legal context within which governors conduct their business. Understanding this framework will give new governors the encouragement and confidence to be able to take a full and active part in governing body decision making.

Training for chairs of governors in Wales
The training for chairs of governors focuses on leadership and maintaining effective relationships with key partners i.e. headteachers, clerks to governing bodies and the local authority as well as providing chairs of governors with the necessary skills to run an efficient and effective governing body and to work with and provide challenge to headteachers to raise standards.

Training for school governors in Wales on understanding school data
The training on school performance data will help governors understand what the school data means for their schools, how they compare with schools in a similar position and circumstances and help them identify the action that needs to be taken to improve performance. An understanding of school data will give governors the confidence they need to take part in governing body discussions on data related information and to ask appropriate and searching questions.

Governing body clerk training in Wales
Training for clerks very much focuses on their role in supporting governing bodies, chairs of governors and headteachers, as laid down in the Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005. The content of the training programme is designed to give clerks a better understanding of their roles and how this impacts on the work of the governing body, in particular their relationship with chairs of governors and headteachers.

Published: 20/09/2013


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